"The 21st century will mark the end of fossil fuels"

Interviewed by Le Monde, ENGIE CEO Isabelle Kocher reflects on the importance of putting an end to fossil fuels by backing renewables. With this challenge in view, job creation and the nurturing of young talent are just two of the goals she has set for the Group.

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ENGIE makes climate its priority

ENGIE makes climate its priority

As a key world energy supplier, ENGIE is committed to making the energy transition its main growth driver and to developing concrete solutions to fight climate change.

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6 hours ago

With 100 gigawatts of capacity already installed, the European solar photovoltaic industry could supply electricity to as many as 50…

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I.#Kocher interviendra demain. #InnoGénération #innovation cc @innovbyENGIE @Bpifrance https://t.co/RteztiHzL6

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I.#Kocher interviendra demain matin au Sénat. A suivre en direct via https://t.co/X7U69533Q3 https://t.co/EwJLGMF0zA

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63 turbines en forme de feuilles de cet arbre permettent d’alimenter 4 bornes de recharges de 8 téléphones chacune. https://t.co/U7nC9lWuYT

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La @FondationEngie installe une #innovation à @rolandgarros : l'#ArbreAVent créé par @NewWind_RD https://t.co/sL1GeDjK8p

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ENGIE is Sustainable Development partner of @rolandgarros #RG16

2 days ago

The biomethane is an energy renewable 100 % produced from the degradation of organic waste: waste greens, domestic garbage, agricultural waste, ...

2 days ago

Le biométhane est une énergie 100% renouvelable produite à partir de la dégradation de déchets organiques : déchets verts, ordures ménagères, déchets ...

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ENGIE est partenaire Développement durable de @rolandgarros #RG16 https://t.co/sDlwPaBlA3

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Visite inédite et insolite des installations de @rolandgarros en présence d'A.Chassagnette #RG16 #ENR https://t.co/RrqE17kGJg

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ENGIE rely on new digital technologies, research and open innovation, to give life, together, to concrete solutions to meet the…

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