Principle 1: Developing energy solutions that create sustainable added value shared by the company and its stakeholders

The Group develops targeted offers to increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plan urban renovation projects. ENGIE also guarantees optimal service quality and continuity for its customers and promotes ethics in its sales relations.

Principle 2: Operating responsibly

Career development, diversity, equal opportunity and occupational health and safety are necessary to the success of ENGIE. The Group works to enhance its appeal as an employer and strengthen the professionalism of its teams through a policy of job management, training, developing top talents, targeted recruitment and partnerships with top schools.

Principle 3: Maintaining responsible relationships with its stakeholders

ENGIE responds to this challenge by paying very close attention to creating value that can be shared with all its stakeholders: driving innovation to meet market expectations, ensuring the long-term future and local acceptability of its business activities, and enhancing the appeal of the Group.