(at 100% as of 12/31/2012)


Enhanced monitoring of wind performance with LIDAR

LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) provides precise measurements of wind speed and direction up to 400 meters from wind farms. LIDAR is a remote sensor system that uses optic technology to measure the properties of a target. Wind measurements that use traditional methods are often distorted by the turbine’s blades. To avoid this problem, LIDARs can be installed next to the traditional anemometer located on wind turbine platforms. With this technology, measurements can be taken before wind reaches the turbine blades, providing precise calculations of wind speed and direction from a distance of up to 400 meters. In January 2012, Laborelec installed its first LIDAR at a Belgian wind farm operated by Electrabel. Wind measurements are then crossed with other measurements (power, blade speed, etc.) in order to improve the performance of ENGIE wind turbines.

The CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) project in Chile

Concentrated solar power (CSP) offers a new form of renewable energy technology. CSP uses mirrors to concentrate sunlight on photovoltaic cells or sensor tubes to produce steam or electricity. The goal of ENGIE’s Research & Innovation project is to develop and operate a CSP pilot project using the Linear Fresnel model, which produces steam without a heat transfer fluid. The steam will then be injected into the high-pressure turbine at the Mejillones coal plant in Chile.



more than 80%
of the energy mix consists of low or zero carbon energies