The Vergne modulating boiler 

The Vergne boiler is the first condensing boiler offering precise, real-time burner modulation within a very low power range (from 0.8 to 12 kW) to meet domestic energy needs while maintaining optimal output. This innovative boiler was developed by CRIGEN in partnership with Vergne. It was marketed in France in February 2012.

GAYA project: an innovative biomethane sector

The GAYA project develops an innovative sector for producing biomethane by gasification. Coordinated by the ENGIE Research & Innovation Division, the GAYA project brings together 11 industrial partners and seven university partners. It aims to create an industrial sector for 2nd-generation biomethane offering high technological, economic and industrial performance. Second-generation biomethane is produced by the gasification of lignocellulosic biomass (wood, agricultural residues, etc.) using a thermochemical process that converts all of the organic material into energy. The Saint-Fons site in Lyon will house the GAYA project’s research and demonstration platform.

LNG Bunkering Vessel

A fueling vessel for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): In January 2015, European Union environmental directives will significantly reduce the maximum sulfur content for maritime fuels used in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the English Channel. For shippers, LNG will become the most economical and environmentally friendly energy available. To meet this need, ENGIE developed a fueling vessel for LNG. With a capacity of 5,000 m3, it was designed to “bunker” all types of boats (ferries, container ships, etc.) that use LNG. Research & Innovation provided expertise on innovative solutions for LNG delivery, dimensioning ship cryogenic chains and the behavior of LNG during bunkering operations. It is now working to establish specifications for the transfer system and the terms of the selection process for suppliers.


+ 46%
in LNG sales between 2011 and 2012