To meet the current energy and environmental challenges, ENGIE develops innovative energy efficiency solutions and works to diversify its energy mix by integrating zero-carbon and low-carbon resources. Dialogue with various environmental organizations helps further guide the Group’s strategy in this field, including its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change, improve air quality and conserve water resources and biodiversity.

Promoting and developing human potential

In Human Resources, the Group aims to promote and develop its human capital and diversity throughout all its businesses and everywhere around the world. It aims to accomplish this by implementing an open and innovative HR policy in order to create shared value for every Group employee.

Ensuring occupational health and safety conditions

Paired with this ambition is the Health & Safety policy, which aims to limit risk through a variety of training programs and by sharing best practices. These efforts help build a strong culture of Health & Safety that involves the daily efforts of all of its employees.