Corporate Social Responsibility ratings for suppliers

ENGIE has adopted the ACESIA system, a platform for rating the Corporate Social Responsibility performance of its suppliers. Developed by AFNOR Solutions Achats, the tool evaluates supplier performance based on 25 environmental indicators and 13 social indicators. The data is notably used to monitor supplier compliance with regulations and to meet the Group’s responsibility to remain vigilant concerning social issues, notably in terms of illegal labor, waste management and transport. In addition to promoting best practices, ACESIA also encourages innovation by inviting suppliers to apply targeted action plans generated automatically by the tool based on the data entered.

Training programs for purchasers

To learn more about responsible purchasing, gain a better understanding of ENGIE’s efforts in this area, and determine the best way to contribute to the Group’s commitments, an online training program was developed for all purchasing teams. The program notably includes modules on sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), responsible purchasing, the Group’s efforts in these areas, and the integration of corporate social responsibility into each step of the purchasing process by considering needs, life cycles, certifications, etc. The training program also deals with issues related to disabilities and relations with companies specialized in disabilities and accessibility.


In 2014
of purchasing activities were conducted with Global Compact members
March 13th, 2015
of representatives from the Purchasing activity in France began the online training program for responsible purchasing