The GrDF external panel of Sustainability experts

GrDF has put together an external panel of Sustainability experts. Composed of recognized experts from various fields such as economics, sustainable cities, energy, environmental law and associations, the panel aims to analyze and develop GrDF’s sustainability efforts. These efforts bear witness to GrDF’s attitude of openness, cooperation and transparency in relations with its stakeholders. The panel held its second meeting in March 2012, where it took stock of the company’s efforts and commitments in sustainability and organized discussions on the fight against climate change, conserving biodiversity, GrDF’s actions in sustainable regional planning, and the opportunities offered by biomethane.

The Global Gas & LNG Business Line’s Sustainability policy

ENGIE’s Global Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Business Line (Global Gas) enacts an active policy of local economic and social development adapted to the specific nature of its businesses. The policy is also tailored to the local context in the 16 countries where the Business Line operates. In social responsibility, for example, all exploration/production projects go through an elaborate process that aims to maintain a structured dialogue with stakeholders and to analyze a project’s impact in terms of health, demographics, infrastructure, environment and economic development. Approved actions are then implemented through the project or in conjunction with local partners. This system is paired with detailed monitoring and regular consultation with stakeholders at different stages in the project. The Business Line’s policy in local economic and social development has also led to humanitarian and sponsorship initiatives that pursue three priorities: solidarity, conserving the environment and culture and sports. These initiatives are notably developed through long-term partnerships with associations and/or NGOs with recognized experience in their fields. Concerning ethics, Global Gas complies with the Group policy and its frames of reference for preventing corruption and ensuring transparency in its activities for communities and local populations. In addition, as a member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), ENGIE Exploration & Production releases all of its payment records for the EITI member countries where it operates.