In this area, the ENGIE codes of conduct include strict terms outlining the need for compliance with all rules relating to competition.
Page 10 of the Ethics in Practice Guidelines states, “Our Group obeys the rules of the market. In this respect, it complies with the rules applicable to competition and regulated markets by dealing fairly.”
Page 20 of the Ethics in Practice Guidelines states, “All unfair practices related to the following are prohibited:

  • Consulting with competitors with the effect or intention of submitting agreed bids
  • Fixing a buying or selling price
  • Limiting production, investment, innovation and the use made of it
  • Dividing up or segmenting markets, outlets or sources of supply
  • Eliminating a competitor, a client, a supplier or a market newcomer”
  • Page 13 of the Ethics Charter states, “The Group complies with the rules of competition”

The new Ethics Guidelines for Commercial Relationships notably include a chapter on compliance with competition rules in the context of commercial relationships.

These ethics codes apply to all employees and are also communicated to suppliers and subcontractors. E-learning sessions were also created for employees.