Involvement in policy and regulatory changesChristmas for the associations at the Magritte Museum, December 18th 2010.

GDF SUEZ closely monitors changes to energy policies in order to be prepared and adapt its development strategies.





Towards an increasingly non-carbon mix

Controlling greenhouse gas emissions is a major challenge of sustainable development. Thanks to one of the most diversified energy mixes, GDF SUEZ promotes an industrial strategy that relies on low-CO2 technologies.


The Germinon-Vélye wind farm.

Developing renewable energy

Wind, biomass, hydro, solar, geothermal… GDF SUEZ sets itself high ambitions in terms of energy production from renewable sources. In 2011, the Group had a total global capacity of 16,650 MWeg.





Maximizing energy efficiency

GDF SUEZ provides efficient solutions in various energy production and consumption sectors.