Everywhere around the world, GDF SUEZ shares its ideas and best practices with NGOs and supports the efforts of French and international partner organizations, notably in the fields of environmental conservation, assistance for customers in need, access to essential services and the socio-economic development of local regions.


World Business Council for Sustainable Development - WBCSD 

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) brings together 200 international companies from some 20 major industrial sectors to work on a shared commitment to sustainability. The WBCSD maintains a global network of 60 national and local partners that includes more than 2,000 corporate managers who meet to work on research projects in three priority areas: economic growth, ecosystems and social progress. The WBCSD submits recommendations and publications to international bodies in order to drive policy change concerning sustainability.

GDF SUEZ has been a member of the WBCSD since 1999 and takes part in several of its workgroups.

  • Energy & Climate

The Energy and Climate group studies changes and analyzes the impact of international climate regulations (forests, transport, energy, industry, water and energy). WBCSD is one of the organizations used by the United Nations as a specialist partner in international negotiations, due to its broad and diverse membership.

  • Electricity utilities

The Electricity Utilities group tackles electricity issues relating to climate change and the UN Millennium Development Goals. It treats topics in the security of electricity supply, the production mix, energy transition issues relating to electricity production, and business models (financing and developing new energy models in emerging countries).

  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The Energy Efficiency in Buildings group assesses the building sector’s role within the energy efficiency landscape and highlights the impact that energy-efficient buildings can have on energy and carbon. The project encourages owners and managers of large building portfolios, and different market segments to make decisions in favor of energy efficiency.

The Group has also co-chaired the following two initiatives:

Corporate Social Responsibility Europe (CSR EUROPE)

Corporate Social Responsibility Europe (CSR Europe) is a business network that promotes CSR in Europe. It is composed of more than 80 multinational corporations and a European network of national partner organizations that work to promote corporate social responsibility on the national level. CSR Europe was created in 1995 by the European Commission President, Jacques Delors, and leading European companies. Its mission is to help companies integrate corporate social responsibility into their daily business activities.

GDF SUEZ is a founding member of CSR Europe. The Group chairs the collaborative project, "new business models for the base of the pyramid.” Alongside several other organizations, it also co-chairs a project that promotes employment for seniors in the framework of the European project, Enterprise 2020. Additionally, GDF SUEZ has participated in the development of a CSR toolbox.

Regional development: local communities and small- and medium-sized businesses

GDF SUEZ and all of its regional subsidiaries work with local communities and decision-makers to develop innovative regional initiatives. As outlined by its Ethics Charter and Ethics in Practices Guidelines, GDF SUEZ works through its Institutional Relations Division to build partnerships in France with national associations of elected officials, and to establish commitments through contracts.

Partnership efforts focus primarily on energy management (natural gas, electricity, renewable energies, energy efficiency services), sustainability (energy poverty, assistance for those in need), urban planning and eco-neighborhoods, sustainable mobility, public services management, etc.

These efforts lead to meetings between Group managers and elected officials from government associations, the Group’s involvement in the conferences and conventions of elected officials, regular releases concerning the Group’s positions and statements on topics of interest, and the Group’s participation in studies on different topics.

The GDF SUEZ Chair in Business & Sustainability at HEC-Paris

GDF SUEZ has partnered with HEC business school in Paris and its Business & Sustainability Chair, which aims to promote a better understanding of the connection between corporate performance and sustainability. It focuses on three major themes: the development of business models based on sustainability, the organizational conditions required for transforming volume strategies into value strategies, and different methods for supporting and replicating social business initiatives.

The mission of the Business & Sustainability Chair is to develop knowledge of innovative and effective business models and to enhance training in these areas for students at HEC Paris. The Chair gives GDF SUEZ the opportunity to highlight its commitment and leadership in sustainability, while also facilitating relations between HEC Paris students and the Group.