Firm commitments towards guaranteeing energy performance

ENGIE undertakes contractually with its customers (whether companies, local communities, the tertiary sector or industrial customers) to achieve concrete and sustainable energy performance results. The commitments it makes are particularly linked to the level of availability, continuity and service quality of the facilities. The goal is to help customers achieve cost savings in energy.

Inauguration of the Olympic Park Energy Centre, October 19th 2010

Developing local, renewable energy

Acknowledged worldwide as a specialist in heating and cooling networks, the Group manages more than 180 such networks internationally, including in Paris, Lisbon, London, Barcelona, Brussels, Monaco and Turin, amongst others.

Buoyed by the search for better environmental performance, this market is undergoing fast expansion, particularly with regard to eco-neighbourhoods. This is a concept which is taking off very rapidly in Europe, where ENGIE is participating in several projects including important ones in the Paris region (Limeil-Brévannes), Amsterdam (Overhoeks), China (Tianjin Binhai) and Qatar (Energy City).

“London 2012” Olympic Games

In July 2008, Cofely won the contract to build, finance and operate the heating and cooling network for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The €1.5 billion contract means operating the facilities that will serve Olympic Park and the new Stratford City development zone for a period of forty years.

Inauguration of the Olympic Park Energy Centre, October 19th 2010

Additional services for integrated solutions

ENGIE provides customers with local teams of professionals who can integrate services into a shared vision of sustainable development. In particular, Cofely offers facility management solutions that cover all services (apart from energy supply) relating to customer environmental management needs: security, hygiene and sanitation, operation and maintenance of technical equipment, project management for construction work, management of safety, switchboard and reception facilities, to name a few…


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