Gazpar: the first smart gas meter and GrDF innovation - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIE

“More than just a smart meter, it’s an energy efficiency project serving GrDF customers,” explains Patrick Dardoise, Smart Gas Meters Project Manager at GrDF. The principle is simple: to transmit customer consumption data daily by radio. The Gazpar project will involve 11 million customers.

In addition to modernizing the metering system, customers will be able to use the accurate data they receive daily to take practical steps to change the way they consume energy. The project will be deployed in 2 phases. The first is a rollout in 4 pilot zones in 2016, followed by industrial-scale deployment over 5 years beginning in 2017.

This technological innovation is the result of close collaboration between ENGIE Group subsidiary GrDF, in association with local authorities and consumer associations. Ultimately, all consumers should be able to save at least €10-15 on their energy bills every year. It’s a first step towards better energy management and other more ambitious projects like Smart Gas Grids (inter-communicating energy networks).