What if your next job was waiting for you in your smartphone? Discover the new ENGIECareers app!

Receive alerts for new job offers in real time

With the ENGIE Careers app, you no longer need to worry about missing an ad: you will get all of the latest job offers before anyone else! All you need to do is search by key word or criteria to find the jobs that match your profile: you can then save this search by creating an alert. If you find a job offer you like but you don’t have time to apply right now, just add it to your favorites and come back to it later.

Prepare for an interview

The ENGIE Careers app has everything you need to attend your interview with total peace of mind. In just a few clicks, you can find out all there is to know about our business and our work and the most wanted profiles. There is an interview checklist to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything on the day.

Group HR news on your mobile

With the ENGIE Careers app, you can get all of the latest Group HR news direct to your smartphone. Recruitment campaigns, future events… stay up to date where you want, when you want!


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The ENGIE Careers app