The opportunity to be a driving force for change: ENGIE offers talented IS specialists the opportunity to contribute fully to the digital transition of the Group’s business lines

  • ENGIE is currently rolling out a new virtual working environment for all its entities in Europe. This service will deliver greater flexibility and autonomy for our teams by enabling them to connect from every work location and type of device.
  • To succeed in the digital transition, the ENGIE Marketing & Sales BU has created a new entity called the Digital Community Centre. Its purpose is to use the monitoring of social networks as the main route to facilitating the emergence of new projects, to verify their potential, and to help implement the most promising ones with local teams.
  • The Change Management team of the main operator of ENGIE information systems supports the Group’s IS Project Leaders and their business line departments by providing communication and training on changes in processes and systems using an e-learning module.

Work alongside ENGIE business lines: joining our IS teams brings you into direct contact with the Group entities

  • The Cofely Services ISD assisted the company’s business services teams in developing the D’Effi offer by ensuring the compatibility and user-friendliness of the resources deployed to support this new energy efficiency solution for office buildings. «The ISD input was a determining factor in successfully marketing this solution to our customers», explains the new services development project leader at Cofely Services.
  • The IS community has also developed an application that enables on-screen display of a work interface providing a 360° overview of all calling customer data to facilitate the work done by Electrabel and Energy Europe call center advisers.

  • The IS teams are helping all employees to work more efficiently by developing applications like eDevis, which allows Cofely Services technicians to generate quotes on-site, which can then be signed by customers and published on the customer Extranet.

  • This is an ever-increasing demand for decision-support data in the Sales operation at GDF SUEZ Energy North America. So this year, the IS teams have been working on decentralizing Business Intelligence solutions by introducing a self-service model so that users can create their own reports rapidly.

A culture of innovation

  • Our culture of innovation encompasses challenges like the Innovation Garage, which invited Group employees to submit projects in answer to this question: «Which objects would you like to become connected to improve your home comforts?»

  • Energy Europe subsidiary Ecometering designs, develops and operates smart energy control and management solutions. These solutions rely on the ability to use smart algorithms to process large volumes of data in real time. As part of ensuring that its solutions deliver the best-possible response to consumer needs, Ecometering relies on its GDF SUEZ LabEnergie community of testers.

  • Innovative technologies make it possible to reinvent working methods and enable smart energy management for homeowners, with solutions such as the Zenbox consumption monitoring service. Imagine, the Group IS collaborative innovation platform, is a perfect illustration of this ambition to facilitate the emergence of new value-creating projects using an open and participatory approach.

Expert teams

  • There are several Communities of Practice for IS team members, including the Innovation Committee, the Infrastructures Business Line IS Community and the SAP team.
  • Working in partnership with the Group’s University, the ENGIE ISD has set up the in-house IS Project Academy to provide in-service training for the Group’s IS project leaders using e-learning modules, group practical sessions and individual coaching.

A broad diversity of missions: ENGIE offers a very diverse range of career opportunities and enables its IS team members to acquire an equally broad spectrum of experience by working alongside Group entities. 

  • Whether it’s creating the UnivCloud cloud-based collaborative inter-university platform (Cofely Ineo) or rolling out Gazpar smart meters at GrDF, the support provided by the IS community is crucial for launching and implementing Group projects.

  • The Geosciences teams at GDF SUEZ E&P International provide the keys to expoiting underground gas resources by using IS tools and infrastructures at the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Earlier this year, Cofely Services provided 2,500 of its technicians with a geo-optimization tool for operations task sequencing. The integration of this technology is a major step forward, and one that responds to the essential challenges of delivering maximum operational performance and customer satisfaction.