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ENGIE Careers on Facebook

On Facebook you can:

  • Like the ENGIE Careers page so as to receive information about us on your News Feed.
  • Share your ideas and opinions on the Wall.
  • Like and comment on our content or posts by other users.
  • Ask us questions privately using the “Message” function.


ENGIE Careers on Twitter

On Twitter you can:

  • Connect to ENGIE Careers on Twitter by following our ENGIE_Careers account.
  • Send us questions or comments, by putting @EngieCareers before your tweet, or by adding the hashtag #AskEngie, or by sending us a private message.
  • Link your tweets to a subject by adding a hashtag. For example, if you tweet on the subject of recruitment, you can add the hashtag #employment or #recruitment to your tweet.
  • Follow the lists of users, for example the list of ENGIE HR Experts which brings together users who are experts in human resources. Of course you can also create your own lists.
ENGIE on Pinterest

On Pinterest you can:

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  • Follow one or more of our Boards.
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ENGIE Careers on Instagram

 On instagram you can:


LinkedIn ENGIE Viadeo GDF SUEZ

On our professional social media you can:

  • Follow our LinkedIn and Viadeo pages.
  • Like or comment on the content shared by ENGIE, or share it to your own network.
  • Join and participate in the various groups dedicated to the energy sector.


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