Marie, Business Developer at ENGIE in China

Marie describes her work at ENGIE this way: “The first aspect of my job is to enable our teams in Europe to identify opportunities in China and offer solutions that meet the needs of Chinese people.” As both a provider of information and translator, Marie is also responsible for organizing meetings between Chinese local authorities, Chinese companies and the Group as part of bringing the services and subsidiaries of ENGIE to the attention of as many people as possible. With a 30-year operating presence in China, ENGIE is keen to develop its energy business here, especially in the gas market, where demand is forecast to quadruple over the next 10 years.

Marie is currently assisting ENGIE employees in Tianjin, the port city and economic development powerhouse of northern China, which has set itself the goal of leading the way in environmental protection. It is here that the Chinese government is now building Yupiapu, the world’s largest business center. The ENGIE delegation is working to convince the local authorities here to award the Group the contract to design and install the air conditioning network for the entire business community. An LPG terminal construction project is already underway in the Port of Tianjin.

“It’s important that we learn now how to consume energy more efficiently so that future generations can enjoy a better quality of life,” concludes Marie.

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