Call Center Adviser


You work in a call center taking calls from our customers and answering their questions on issues such as billing and energy savings. You also offer customers our electricity, gas and associated products and services. Lastly, you update customer details and handle written complaints from customers as part of your back office tasks.


When a customer calls to question a bill or ask for further details about a new product or service, our call center advisers operate on the front line of the business to deliver high-quality customer relations:

  • Giving precise answers to customer questions and concerns
  • Entering orders and follow-ups into the information system
  • Implementing the loyalty strategy and presenting products and services
  • Updating customer details


You are a man or woman with a Bac Pro or BTS qualification in Customer Relations and have professional experience in a similar job. If you enjoy talking to people and being of service, join the ENGIE Group and put all your skills fully into action:

  • Your ability to listen and respond diplomatically
  • Your proven responsiveness and dynamic attitude
  • Your equally well-developed verbal and written communication skills
  • Your excellent knowledge of energy solutions