Talents Optimistes program

ENGIE: diversity of talent

Electricity, natural gas, energy services… the enormous diversity of business lines covered by the ENGIE Group reflects the diverse talents of the people who work here. With 152,900 employees in close to 70 countries, recruiting men and women into very different career paths is a key corporate development challenge. The partnership between ENGIE and Talents Optimistes reflects this deep commitment to diversity: a commitment to train a ‘human energy mix’ in order to respond to the great energy and environmental challenges of tomorrow.

Talents Optimistes: the University of Talent

It can sometimes be difficult for students graduating from university to acquire the crucial skills needed for a successful entry into the world of work. Convinced of this fact and committed to improving this situation, Talents Optimistes works to promote discussion and contact between students and professionals. This non-profit organization therefore has three goals:

  • To promote social entrepreneurship amongst students
  • To bring professionals and students together around specific areas of career opportunity
  • To host conferences in which professionals, academics and students can discuss employability issues