Diego Bueno Oenning, Programme ¿Cuanta energía tienes?

“It’s important to be flexible and available to travel and live in different places – because we travel a lot!”


1.    Why did you choose the ‘¿Cuanta energía tienes?’ program? 

The first thing is that I always liked the area of energy. Second, I was born in Florianópolis, which is the location of the head office of Tractebel Energia, part of the GDF SUEZ Group in Brazil.

The company is recognized for its actions in sustainability and social responsibility, and is also one of best companies to work for in Brazil. When I heard about the trainee program and potential to gain international experience in Latin America, I didn’t think twice about signing up!


 2.    What are the benefits and challenges of undertaking an international mission?

The main advantage of this program is the exchange of experience with the people that work at Enersur. I have learnt a lot from them, and can apply this knowledge on future projects in Brazil.

In terms of disadvantages, the only one I see is being far from my family in Brazil. To seize the opportunity it is necessary to give up some things, and every second is worth it here in Peru.


 3.   What were your responsibilities during the mission?

The mission was to learn about the business development process in Peru, including getting to know the Peruvian electricity market and learning more about the use of certain technologies in power plants. Getting to know other cultures and new people was the best part of the program.


 4.    Is there a secret to success with the ¿Cuanta energía tienes? program?

There isn´t any secret, but it is very important that you like what you do. We work on complex projects so it is necessary to know how to work in teams. Other important ingredients are to be proactive and communicate, because we need to be in touch with other areas of the company and with people outside of the company. Lastly, it’s important to be flexible and available to travel and live in different places – because we travel a lot!


 5.    What will you do after the program?

My objectives at the end of the program are to stay in the Group working on business development or strategy, in any place where the opportunity appears, and to continue to grow.

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