Training and career development

Promoting access to training

The personal development of its people is key to Group performance and development. ENGIE promotes dynamic attitudes, motivation and innovation by valuing and encouraging the talent and diversity of its employees. This means prioritizing the development of internal talent, and preparing for the future by developing the skills that will be needed in tomorrow’s world, and by encouraging mobility to improve employability for every individual.

Encouraging mobility

ENGIE has set itself the target of enabling mobility for 10,000 people every year between now and 2015 across the Group’s 23 employment families and 300 career options.

With a target of enabling mobility for 10,000 people every year between now and 2015, and more than 8,000 already achieved by the end of 2012, the ENGIE mobility policy is designed to reconcile business challenges with the personal challenges of employees by:

  • Attracting, involving and securing the loyalty of employees
  • Optimizing the fit between internal skills and the needs of Group business lines
  • Strengthening cultural integration, improving cooperation and promoting diversity
  • Contributing to improving the employability of individuals
  • Encouraging knowledge sharing and the development of innovation

VIE (International Internship Program), work-study programs and Graduate Programs all offer young graduates the opportunity to access specialist training designed to develop their professionalism.

Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT)

The LFT program is designed to anticipate future needs and to guide the Group’s most talented people more effectively by attracting and retaining people with the potential to become senior managers in the future. The Group benefits from the talent of some 40,000 committed men and women managers working in every one of its operating countries. On average, this talent pool is the source of 80% of all new senior management appointments.