Commitments and HR policies

In conjunction with the ENGIE corporate project, the Group’s HR ambition expresses its commitments: “Enhance and develop our human capital, rich in its diversity, for our activities throughout the world, by implementing an open and innovative human resources policy, thereby creating value for each person, the company and the various communities in which the Group is involved.

This ambition is evident in the Group’s managerial culture, its employees’ crucial involvement in its financial results and long-term strategic objectives, and the development of a high-quality dialogue within the Group.

The ENGIE Management Way 

The Group’s commitment is expressed in the ENGIE Management Way charter. Distributed to 42,000 managers, the charter is a key part of the By People For People corporate project. It specifies management’s code of conduct, placing collective interest at the heart of the priorities of each manager. To this end, the charter defines 3 key pillars:

  • People Leadership: develop and enhance employees’ careers (development and support, promoting mobility, personal development)
  • Group Leadership: make the Group live, spread its values
  • Business Leadership: enhance performance to better serve customers (customer orientation, innovation, managing complexity)

People for Development, Development for People: a development policy for all

To foster development and accomplish its ambitions around the world, ENGIE needs motivated employees who have the right skills to meet the company’s changing needs. Every employee has talent to offer and skills to develop. That is why the personal development of employees is a key performance and development lever for the Group. This policy of development for all aims to:

  • Develop and enhance the careers of employees so they can advance and flourish within the Group (Development for People)
  • Develop the Group by ensuring that all employees can achieve their full potential and adapt to changes in their lines of business (People for Development)

The Development for People guidelines concern all employees around the world and focus on four key principles:

  • Every employee has talent and skills to offer 
  • Mobility should offer diverse careers at the Group and around the world
  • The diversity of teams is a key lever for innovation and performance
  • The Group relies primarily on in-house talent and develops this talent to meet changing needs