The Label Diversité®

In March 2012, ENGIE received the Label Diversité® in recognition of its efforts in this field. Awarded by the French Ministry of the Interior and approved by the French Association of Standardization (AFNOR) (in French only), the Label Diversité® was attributed within the scope of GDF SUEZ SA and the Energy Services division, which represents 42,000 employees in France.

The Label Diversité® was awarded based on an audit conducted at the Group’s companies in France in order to assess the practices, actions and behaviors of:

  • the company,
  • its management,
  • its employees.

The Label Diversité® recognizes the Group’s strong commitment to combating discrimination, promoting equal opportunity and encouraging diversity in the framework of its human resources management.

The ENGIE Group decided to extend its approach to all of its workforce in France, representing 109,000 employees, with the aim of obtaining a general Label Diversité® by 2014.

At the same time, an awareness campaign for managers and HR departments was rolled out in 2012 to enhance understanding of various forms of discrimination in practice, so that adequate prevention measures may be implemented.

Lastly, 40 members of the France perimeter were selected to form a Diversity Committee in order to oversee the Group’s commitments to promoting diversity.

Recognized efforts

The Group’s companies have received several distinctions for their efforts to promote diversity.

  • Ineo (in French only) was awarded the 2011 Diversity Award in the Supplier Awareness category for its disability policy
  • Cofely in Morocco was recognized at the Diversity Awards in the Equal Access / Quality of Work Life and Health category, 
  • Cofely Ineo received the Process, Recruiting and Integration award at the seventh annual Diversity Awards in Paris for its Professional Gender Equality policy.