The Older Employees Agreement was signed in 2009 with trade union federations. It notably aims to set up interviews for second-half career development and institute tutoring and mentoring policies.

These objectives have been met and surpassed:

  • More than 7,000 interviews have been performed
  • 6.6% of all new recruits for permanent positions are over 50 years of age (compared to the target of 3%)

In 2012, the Group took action to implement the Older Employees Agreement, while also rethinking the role played by seniors concerning the transmission of knowledge and skills within the company.
In addition, ENGIE is a founding member of the European Observatory on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Europe), which produced a report on active aging as part of the EU initiative, 2012: European Year for Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations.

OCTAVE: a multigenerational leadership program

The OCTAVE Program makes multigenerational leadership a key management tool. The program encourages new practices that help young and senior employees reach their full potential within companies.

In April 2012, approximately one hundred executives from Energy Services, Danone, L’Oréal and Orange-France Telecom met to discuss intergenerational collaboration and the difficulties faced by young and senior employees. The goal of this first seminar was to understand multigenerational issues in order to improve collaboration and, above all, update management and working methods. Following the success of the 1st edition, OCTAVE seminars will now be held every year.

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