The European Jobs and Skills Management Plan

In 2010, the Group signed the European Jobs and Skills Management Plan, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the employability of its employees.
The purpose of this plan is to:

  • reduce the gap between internal needs and external resources on the Group level,
  • provide career and personal development options adapted to each employee.

Networks for exchange

The Group has set up HR networks in France and abroad to facilitate the management and planning of jobs and skills. These 13 networks are located in 7 countries and bring together more than 200 key players, managers and HR personnel. The purpose of these networks is to:

  • exchange knowledge and information on the businesses, needs and development of the internal job market for each job grouping, 
  • promote constructive discussion of employment and mobility issues to increase solidarity between Group companies.

Targeted development programs

Some of the Group’s development programs are tailored to certain employees, due to the specific nature of their work, their skills or company needs.

Development For Experts

The Experts Policy aims to improve awareness of the Group’s community of technical experts in order to:

  • match the management strategy for experts to Group needs, from an individual and a collective point of view,
  • promote the community through the opportunity to develop non-technical skills, 
  • attract and retain more employees in technical divisions.

At the end of 2012, the Group employed 456 experts and 15 Top Expert senior managers.

In 2012, GDF SUEZ was awarded the Human Capital Trophy, sponsored by Le Monde and Michael Page, in the Talent Identification and Management category for its Experts Policy.