Program mission and functioning

The program, composed of pairs, is formal and structured, bringing together
executives and women from the Group. Called the mentor and mentoree,
they are not in the same reporting line. One of them shares their knowledge with the other.

The aim? To make senior positions accessible for more women. But it isn’t just a one way
transfer; it is a special and personal relationship with the aim of developing the mentoree
personally and professionally.


Four objectives for the mentoree

  • learning to “decode” internal workings by benefiting from the experience of someone else in the Group,
  • advising women in their choices and their professional career,
  • strengthening their capacity to occupy management posts,
  •  developing their network and their knowledge.

The program also allows mentors to learn about the issues encountered by women, to be enriched by contact with the other gender and lastly to strengthen internal cohesion.

A well-thought-out framework

Program participants are supported throughout the year-long process thanks to regular follow-up with their mentors in training sessions, regular polls and mentoree milestone meetings.


The “Mentoring for ENGIE” program won the “Business and Diversity Action” top prize in 2011.