With a view of sustainable procurement, Supplier selection and management of business relationships are all based on a range of objective criteria, including:

  • Respect of hygiene, health and safety rules
  • Complying with Group ethical principles
  • Technical and economic competitiveness
  • Promotion of innovative approaches
  • Environmental and social commitments
  • Contractual commitments compliance
  • Non-discrimination and diversity promotion

The relationship with strategic, preferred or critical suppliers is monitored by means of specific activity review and evaluation processes. In particular, the Group Procurement Division develops a regular measurement of performance with preferred and strategic Suppliers, in a continuous improvement approach on the basis of a lasting and mutually beneficial relation.

The Supply function develops and implements the resources required for the smooth-running of purchasing logistics and supplier payment processing procedures. It also generates all the associated performance indicators.

Ethics in supplier relations

Our Group strives to act at all times and in all its operating locations in full compliance with current regulations and in accordance with the rules and principles of its Ethics Charter.

We have therefore published a guide to Ethics in supplier relations for the Procurement Function. This guide is for use by all ENGIE staff who may have relationships with Suppliers (buyers, purchasers, prescribers, project managers, operatives, etc.).

It is based on seven key principles that must be strictly observed in our relationships with Suppliers:

  • Adhering to external laws, regulations and standards, Group values and internal procedures
  • Acting fairly, transparently and impartially towards suppliers
  • Respecting mutual commitments and ensuring they are respected
  • Maintaining confidentiality of all communicated information
  • Making clear and ensuring adherence to the Group’s commitments on ethics, sustainable development and social responsibility
  • Prohibiting all conflicts of interest that could impair the objectivity and independence of decisions
  • Reporting any situation in breach of these rules

This guide defines the rules by which our employees must behave in actual situations encountered in practice in the procurement process to ensure the major principles are observed.

We think it is useful to bring this to your attention. This guide has been distributed to all Group purchasing entities.