The Group’s Procurement functional line has started a process of professional development and of enhancing its maturity. In this context, it is implementing the principles set out in the Procurement and Supply Policy, in particular those of managing the panel of suppliers and of evaluating their performance with a view to ensuring continuous improvement.

This approach is stepped up by the Group’s Perform 2015 performance plan, in which Procurement forms one of the major pillars: this fully-fledged corporate programme bringing together specifiers, users and buyers from the BUs aims to cover most of the joint, key purchasing categories, using best practices and advanced purchasing methods.

For suppliers, this programme offers real opportunities:

  • Opportunity to be positioned at Group level (rather than BL and BU levels) and to optimize sales potential across the Group thanks to a stronger governance
  • Suppliers encouraged to proactively propose improvement levers
  • Opportunity for best suppliers to establish long-term win-win relationships through
    • Contribution to overall optimization (advanced levers, best practices, total cost reduction…)
    • Contribution to business development