The Group has been undertaking commitments with SMEs since 2009

  • 2009: The Group joins the international SME Pact and implementation of international communication 
  • 2010: The Group signs the Charter of inter-company relations
  • 2012: The Group signs the Innovative SMEs Charter
  • 2013: The Group signs an agreement with the General Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (CGPME)

The 10 commitments of the Charter of inter-company relations

Signed in December 2010, under the aegis of Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry Christine Lagarde, this charter was jointly drafted by the Credit Mediation Department (Médiation du Crédit) and the Compagnie des Dirigeants et Acheteurs de France (CDAF – the French procurement association) with a view to involving the large contractors that signed the charter in a drive to make progress vis-à-vis their suppliers, especially very small and small and medium-sized enterprises (VSEs and SMEs), promoting responsible and sustainable relations with them.

The signatory contractors affirmed their commitment to applying the best practices described in the charter and to discharging their responsibilities in an environment of mutual trust with the suppliers, based on the full knowledge of and respect for each party’s rights and obligations.

  1. Guarantee fair financial treatment for suppliers
  2. Promote cooperation between large contractors and strategic suppliers
  3. Reduce the risks of mutual dependence between contractors and suppliers
  4. Involve the large contractors in their sector
  5. Evaluate the total purchase cost
  6. Incorporate environmental concerns
  7. Corporate regional responsibility
  8. Purchases: a function and a process
  9. A procurement function tasked with steering the supplier relationship as a whole
  10. Define a consistent purchaser remuneration policy

A ‘Responsible Procurement’ mediator was appointed. ENGIE chose to give the Group’s mediator this task. SMEs/VSEs who so wish can call on this mediation.



The 7 commitments of the Innovative SMEs Charter signed in December 2012

The National Growth, Competitiveness and Employment Pact, unveiled by the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on November 6, 2012, provides for the signing of a charter by companies in which the State is a shareholder in order to promote innovative and exemplary procurement that benefits SMEs.

Accordingly, ENGIE and the main public shares companies undertake to promote innovation for themselves and all of their suppliers. They pledge to help SMEs realise their innovation projects and make a decisive contribution to their future development. In return, the Charter signatories will be given access to innovative technology while securing their supply chain by strengthening their economic partners.

The aims of the Charter are as follows:

  1. Give SMEs easy access to big companies’ areas of innovation
  2. Help SMEs to realise their innovation projects
  3. Encourage SMEs to use their results to expand into other markets
  4. Adapt purchasing processes to promote innovation
  5. Invest in innovative SMEs
  6. Contribute to the development of innovative SMEs
  7. Put in place specific management within companies


ENGIE will incorporate all of these commitments into its activities and processes in 2013.



Supporting the growth of French small and midsize companies

On January 17, 2013, ENGIE Chairman and CEO Gérard Mestrallet and Jean-François Roubaud, Chairman of CGPME (the French General Federation of Small and Midsize Companies), signed a memorandum of understanding to work more closely together on supporting the growth of French SMEs.

Support for the growth of French small and midsize companies is a major factor in the ENGIE commitment to responsible growth in every part of the Group. In signing this new agreement, ENGIE underlines its supportive attitude to French SMEs.

This agreement with CGPME is based on 2 key priorities:

  • The growth of SMEs in the French market: ENGIE will make its expertise available nationally and through its regional subsidiary companies to help SMEs grow in their home regions
  • The international expansion of French SMEs: ENGIE will use its extensive international presence and network of country representatives to facilitate the location of French SMEs in those countries where the Group operates

“ENGIE is committed to helping French SMEs to grow internationally and to develop locally as a source of economic and employment growth. As a leading international corporate group, we have a major role to play in terms of social responsibility and regional economic growth,” said Gérard Mestrallet at the signing ceremony.