To respond to major developments in the world of energy, our Group has reformulated its long-term vision, which consists in providing access to a lower-carbon, more reliable, more flexible and smarter energy that offers new mobility solutions. This vision is based on an ambitious commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

This commitment entails in the first place that our Group undertakes to act everywhere and at all times in accordance with all regulations in force and according to the rules and guiding principles set out in its Code of Ethics. Everyone acting in the name of a Group company must be aware of these demands and implement them in their professional practices and behaviors.

The Group’s Purchasing Policy lays down ENGIE’s demands and commitments in supplier relations: seeking competitiveness and sustainable solutions while guaranteeing the health and safety of its employees, and in strict conformity with the principles of business ethics.

Our 7 principles for supplier relations are:

  • Abide by laws, regulations, external standards, Group commitments and internal procedures.
  • Treat suppliers with equity, transparency and impartiality.
  • Ensure that mutual commitments are honored.
  • Respect the confidentiality of all exchanges of information.
  • Ensure that the Group’s commitments with regard to ethical standards, sustainable development and corporate responsibility are known and applied.
  • Avoid any conflict of interest that may undermine objective and independent decision-making.
  • Report any situation that is in breach of these rules.