Laure Vinçotte, CEO of the Rassembleurs d’Energies solidarity investment company60% of Rassembleurs d’Énergies investments were made in 2014, three years after its launch. What took you so long?

Many potential projects were submitted and appraised before we selected those we believed were the best on the basis of our five reference criteria. It also took time for the business units to get to know us and submit ideas to us, and above all, for us to become known and accepted in this world, which was still a very new area only five years ago.

How are you represented within Group entities?

We rely on a network of ambassadors who contribute their technological skills and knowledge of internal and external relationships. They are constantly on the lookout for potentially interesting solutions. They also act as consultants for the social entrepreneurs we select.

What is your investment strategy for 2015, which is a standout year for climate and sustainability issues?

The initial mandate for Rassembleurs d’Énergies was to invest the €10 million earmarked by the Group as effectively as possible. We will continue to do so with particular focus on investing in startups and more mature companies to provide the best management spread of financial risk. Geographically, we want to diversify into Latin America, where the Group has a particularly strong presence. In terms of technology, we want to develop into micro-grids, improved cooking ovens and biogas.