Research and Technologies

The Research and Technologies Department sets and guides the Group’s Research strategy within an international research network. 

  • 5 corporate prospective research programs in three priority areas
    • The generation of carbon-free energy that emits no carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • Smart management of energy and cities
    • The gas chains of the future
  • The prospective and exploratory research required to evolve technological solutions for energy and the environment
  • Technology monitoring to identify emerging technologies and provide input for exploratory projects in areas such as syn-methane and nanotechnologies

5 research programs

6 exploratory projects

  • Energy and desalination
  • Energy efficiency and eco-industries
  • Nuclear R&D
  • High Voltage Direct Current
  • Enabling technologies: nanotechnologies, life cycle assessment and ICT
  • Hydrogen and syn-methane

Key figures for 2013

  • 900 researchers and technicians
  • 11 research centers and entities
  • €25 million in annual R&D Investment (Capex)
  • €190 million in annual R&D Budget
  • €60 million in annual Tech Services
  • Investment capital: presence in 7 funds, including 2 American funds (DEMETER 2, DEMETER 3A, EMERTEC 4, ENERTECH III and IV (USA), CAPRICORN 2 (Belgium) and EMERTEC 3E)
  • More than 100 university partners
  • ENGIE is a founder member of 5 university chairs

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