Introduction to Laborelec

Laborelec is the Group’s electricity technologies research and skills center located near Brussels. In 2011, it employed 250 people and had revenues of around 47 million euros.

Its skills and activities cover the following domains:


  • production,
  • transmission,
  • distribution,
  • storage,
  • the end use of energy.

Its expertise focuses on the following:

  • reducing effects on the environment,
  • improving availability and maintenance,
  • energy systems of the future.

Distinctions of excellence

Here are some notable examples among Laborelec’s outstanding achievements:

  • received a Value Creation label at the GDF SUEZ Innovation Awards ceremony for the Laborelec Diagnostic Center,
  • significantly improved the steam turbine simulator (nominated at the GDF SUEZ Innovation Awards),
  • received a Grand Prize at the GDF SUEZ 2010 Innovation Awards ceremony for the life management system of gas turbine blades,
  • created a thin-film photovoltaic panel test pilot facility.