The Gournay-sur-Aronde underground storage site.An unbeatable solution within the context of the fight against climate change

According to the scenarios established by the International Energy Agency, the development of renewable energy alone will not be done rapidly enough to achieve the goal for reducing greenhouse gases. It therefore proves necessary to accelerate the reduction of emissions by implementing CO2 capture, transport and storage in electricity generation and in industry. The Research & Innovation Division positions itself on capture by pre-combustion and post-combustion, cryogenic capture, transport and storage.

Project for the transport and storage of CO2 “France Nord”

In collaboration with several French and European industrial and research bodies, ENGIE launched in 2010 the “France Nord” project for CO2 transport and storage to contribute to limiting greenhouse gas emissions. This project will examine the possibility of installing in the sedimentary basin located in the center-north of mainland France a pilot infrastructure for CO2 transport and storage. In-depth technical studies were undertaken to select an appropriate geological site for the storage of CO2 in deep saline aquifers. They will also aim to define the most suitable infrastructures for CO2 transport for linking industrial sites to the storage site.

Costing 54 million Euros, the “France Nord” project is 40% financed by ADEME, via the demonstrator research fund, and 60% by the project partners: six industrial companies (Air Liquide, EDF, ENGIE, Lafarge, Total and Vallourec), three French research bodies (BRGM, IFP and INERIS) and two German research bodies (EIFER of Karlsruhe and GeoForschungsZentrum of Potsdam).