LNG, offshore and gas chains of the future

LNG offshore installation: ENGIE at the cutting edge of technical innovation

The year 2010 was marked by the commissioning in Boston of one of the first offshore LNG terminals in the world and by the option of setting up another one in Italy, after obtaining ad hoc administrative authorizations. Major innovations were developed to implement these new solutions.

In 2011, tools were developed to simulate the thermodynamic behavior of offshore LNG to respond to operational and safety issues.

Prospective study: the gas chains of tomorrow

In Australia, the Group started studies which will lead to technical choices for the liquefaction factory on the “Bonaparte LNG” project. As regards unconventional uses of LNG, various studies and exchanges were launched in particular with ship and truck operators as well as port authorities. The goal is to determine deployment conditions for an entire chain (supply of LNG terminals, transport, service stations, fuelling, service) enabling the use of LNG as fuel.

The program carries out technological analyses of all the possible alternative business sectors, from GTL (Gas To Liquid) to LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), in order to give the Group the best position for the future.