Actions aimed at supporting the most disadvantaged

In the context of its commitment to combat exclusion and poverty, GDF SUEZ has been a partner of the Paris SAMU Social [emergency outreach project for the homeless] since 1998. The Group gives particular support to night patrols, in which employees can take part.

Daouda Sanogo, winner of the 2009 Talents des Cités competition and founder of the company Alliance&Co.Encouraging the creation and development of startup companies

GDF SUEZ supports the initiatives of young entrepreneurs and the development of microcredit through committed French and international associations. Every year for the last ten years, through the assistance offered by “Talents des Cités” [Talents of the Cities], the Group sponsors a young entrepreneur who is setting up or developing a business in one of the Group’s sectors of activity.



Microfinance projects in partnership with PlaNet Finance

Through its partnership with PlaNet Finance, GDF SUEZ encourages international solidarity initiatives by developing microfinance, so as to improve access to financial services by impoverished populations. In 2011, GDF SUEZ partnered PlaNet Finance in several actions:

  • Microfinance & Energy : a program designed to support the development of, access to and sustainable use of renewable energy sources by the vulnerable populations of urban and rural areas.
  • Entrepreneurship in the suburbs : a program to make unemployed adults from Sensitive Urban Zones (ZUS) aware of entrepreneurship by the creation of ADAM (Association de Détection et d’Accompagnement de Micro-entrepreneurs) [Association for the Detection and Support of Micro-Entrepreneurs] in those neighborhoods.
  • FinanCités : a shared venture-capital company that supports very small neighborhood businesses by providing them with additional financing at key moments in their development.
  • MicroWorld: a European joint microcredit platform project on the Internet. MicroWorld hopes to develop the financing of micro-entrepreneurs throughout the world, in the form of loans and via the Internet.

    International Microfinance Awards

    On December 15, 2011, PlaNet Finance held the International Microfinance Awards at the Louvre Museum in Paris. During that event, outstanding micro-entrepreneurs from all over the world came to present their ambitious and optimistic projects. Eight of them won awards.

    GDF SUEZ decided to award the “Environment” prize to Rabi Hinsa of Niger for his company that manufactures soap from recycled ingredients.


Towards the ideal of “culture for all”

GDF SUEZ would like to enable as many people as possible to discover culture by including actions to support young audiences in its cultural patronage, as it does with the Paris Opera House, to make children and a wider public aware of its artistic endeavors.