Corporate patronage and partnerships

Two favored topics: solidarity and the environment

Corporate patronage and partnerships

The Group’s corporate patronage actions and partnerships concern two major topics:

  • solidarity : combating exclusion, helping young entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs, universal access to culture;
  • the environment : protection of the environment, making the best use of the Group’s assets, increasing public awareness …

In every country where it is present, the ENGIE Group implements that policy through:

  • the action programs of its “Energie pour Agir” Foundation. The ENGIE Corporate Foundation represents an important first step towards increasing the visibility of the many commitments to citizenship-based actions now in existence in the Group;
  • local partnerships, where the Group has a strong foothold in the spheres of the environment, solidarity and sport;
  • action to involve the Group’s employees and unite them through skill-based sponsorship, mobilizing volunteers around the partnerships the Group supports and the humanitarian projects initiated by employee associations.

Project assessment and employee involvement

Corporate patronage and partnership actions developed outside the Foundation are most particularly a response to the concerns of the subsidiaries that want to become involved in their environment. They are then managed by the Communications Department and assessed by a Corporate Patronage and Partnerships Committee. They must fulfill the criteria of the corporate patronage and partnership charter, be timely and non-renewable and are the subject of an assessment. The involvement of employees is expressed through the skill-based sponsorship mechanism, the mobilization of volunteers around the partnerships the Group supports and the humanitarian actions initiated by employee associations.