La Fondation ENGIE
The ENGIE Foundation

Solidarity and environment: the identity of the ENGIE Foundation

The ENGIE Foundation views its philosophy and action as the continuation of the social, civic and environmental commitment of the Group, one of the world’s leaders in the energy sector. When it was created in September 2010, it chose two main spheres of activity in accordance with ENGIE businesses and values: solidarity and the environment.

A broad program of commitments and actions to promote solidarity

Meeting at the garden 2011: Palais Royal's garden

Under the heading of solidarity, the ENGIE Foundation supports actions to assist people suffering hardship, through two programs:

  • Childhood and Youth, working in the fields of health and education,
  • Energy Partners, aimed at improving access to energy by disadvantaged people.

In the context of the environmental aspect of its undertaking, it also operates the program : 

  • Biodiversity and Cities, that concerns ecosytems protection, action to counteract global warming and climate change, sustainable architecture.

The programs are operated in every country where the Group is present.

Solidarity projects are encouraged within the Group

The creation of the ENGIE Corporate Foundation also demonstrates the Group’s determination to encourage the commitment of its employees by supporting:

  • employees’ associations working for humanitarian causes (Energy Assistance and Codegaz);
  • projects initiated by employees, by calling for projects.

Its ambition is thus to mobilize all that dynamism and put it to work so as to give everyone, both employees and partners, the energy to take up the company-based, social and environmental challenges of our century.


Are you involved in a project dear to you? The ENGIE Foundation can help you finance it.

If you want to further the cause you are defending and if your project fits into the Foundation’s programs, you can send us your case file. To do this, you must submit a request form to the Foundation describing the project in detail and presenting the organization behind it.