Targeted expertise, a rampart against the precarious state of populations

Lyonnaise des Eaux de Casablanca (LYDEC) Company activities in June 2010

The precarious state of millions of people throughout the world regarding water and the environment is the reason for the Aquassistance association’s existence. The association is designed to act in all situations in which the involvement of experts in the spheres of water and the environment is justified. Most of its projects concerns help with development (village hydraulic systems, sewerage, solid waste collection and processing).
Aquassistance also acquired true expertise in the production of drinking water in emergencies. To that end, it developed compact equipment and intervenes in natural disasters several times a year (floods, earthquakes, etc.): in 2009, in Bangladesh and at Padang in Indonesia, in 2010 at Port au Prince and in Pakistan and Saint Lucia.

The association is unbiased. Coming to the aid of populations in distress is its sole concern and its sole justification.

The activity of Aquassistance in figures

Created in 1994, Aquassistance has 730 members. In 2011, 67 different people, members of the association, took part in 53 missions on the spot and spent 913 days in the terrain on 49 different projects.

At December 31, 2011, the association had 84 projects in progress, principally concerning drinking water. In addition to its own resources, to finance its projects Aquassistance relies on the SUEZ Initiatives Gift Fund, help from other private foundations and subscriptions from local authorities and water agencies.

In 2011, among other projects, Aquassistance successfully completed a project involving the drilling of 10 wells in Burkina Faso and a project for bringing in piped water in Benin, for a sum in excess of 100,000 euros each.