The Magritte Museum, skill-based sponsorship serving culture

The Magritte Museum opened its doors on June 2, 2009 in Brussels, the capital of Europe and the painter’s hometown. It houses the largest collection of the artist’s paintings in the world (200 paintings) in a space of 2,500 m2.

This exceptional cultural project is the fruit of a unique and original skill-based sponsorship, which was furthermore awarded in 2008 with the Prix Caïus of the Culture Grande Enterprise sponsorship in Belgium – this is one of the first times that a private company has donated its experience and its businesses in the service of a museographic project of international scope.

ENGIE therefore played an essential role in the creation of this museum, through its cultural ambition as well as the modernity of the installations, respectful of the most demanding rules as regards sustainable development.

ENGIE technical partner of the first polar scientific research mission “zero emission”

The Princess Elisabeth polar station project was born in 2004, when the Belgian government entrusted the project of a new research platform to the International Polar Foundation.

ENGIE, its subsidiary Electrabel and its research laboratory Laborelec are committed along with the International Polar Foundation and its chairman, the explorer Alain Hubert, through a skill-based sponsorship for building the station in the energy, water and cleanliness fields.

Laborelec and Electrabel brought all their expertise to contribute to a sizeable challenge: the design of a CO2 “zero emissions” polar station, functioning exclusively with renewable energy, to limit to the maximum its ecological footprint.