Actions pour le développement du tennis féminin

Development of the ‘Big Sisters’ program

ENGIE has been supporting promising young women players for more than 24 years. From all over France and competing in different leagues (Guyenne, Paris, Provence, Languedoc, Flandres, Bourgogne, Midi-Pyrénées, Bretagne, etc.) each of these young women has high potential for progress. Under the program initiated by ENGIE and developed by the FFT, these young hopefuls are selected via the Federation as its scholarship players. So for more than 24 years, ENGIE has supported this program, which has included Amélie Mauresmo (from age 17), Emilie Loit, Alizé Cornet and Nathalie Dechy. It gives these promising young French Tennis Federation members the benefit of support and experience from their seniors (current and retired players) as they develop towards becoming professionals.

The ENGIE Group is totally immersed in women's tennis at the highest level. ENGIE promotes and encourages women tennis players from the training of young hopefuls right up to the French Fed Cup Team. Today, ENGIE sponsors more than fifty young women players via financial grants to the FFT and motivational initiatives, like the one-day sessions that bring them into direct contact with the stars of the game.

Amélie Mauresmo gives us her perspective

Amélie Mauresmo

Could you sum up for us the spirit of the 'Big Sisters' program?

I've learned a great deal during my career, and I've accumulated a lot of experience. If that's not passed on, if it's not shared, then it's lost. So if my experience can help today's young women players - even a tiny bit - it'll definitely be worth doing! Initiated by ENGIE and the FFT, this program is particularly close to my heart and takes the form of direct contact sessions so that today's young tennis hopefuls can benefit from the support and advice of their seniors in the game.

Development of the ‘Au Service des Femmes’ program

As part of supporting the growth of women's tennis, the FFT and ENGIE have jointly launched the 'Au Service des Femmes' (Serving Women) program. This program extends the ENGIE commitment to women's tennis by rewarding clubs that have worked particularly hard to promote the status of women's tennis in France. To compete in this challenge, clubs must submit details of the encouragement, friendship and training initiatives they have implemented for their members.

In cooperation with the French Tennis Federation, the ENGIE Group promotes its strongly held values of sponsoring sport for all, as well as high-profile international events. ENGIE is also committed at the highest level to high-quality work, performance and innovation.

Since the promotion and development of women's tennis is an ENGIE goal, this program is designed to reward clubs that have worked particularly hard to promote the status of women's tennis in France.