In 2015, ENGIE partnered 15 of the 29 ITF (International Tennis Federation) tournaments held in France, 13 of which were ENGIE OPEN events.

Calendrier ENGIE OPEN en Région 2016

ENGIE OPEN: unearthing new talent

The Group has created the “ENGIE OPEN” label to foster a more dynamic women’s tennis circuit in France. In just over 10 years, the circuit will have revived the French women’s tennis scene, offering a platform for the best new French talent to play against the best foreign players in their category, displaying their prowess in front of a home crowd.

Tournaments at the heart of the community

Of the 29 ITF (International Tennis Federation) tournaments in France, ENGIE sponsors 15, including 13 marketed as ENGIE OPEN. The quality of the ENGIE OPEN circuit is no longer in question and the prizes, from $10,000 to $100,000 guarantee a quality selection of players throughout the circuit.

In parallel to the ENGIE OPEN circuit, every year the Group sponsors three WTA tournaments and over 10 other regional tournaments, such as the Vienne Open, or youth tournaments like the Petit As, all of which cements the Group’s commitment to tennis.

In total, ENGIE is a partner to 25 women’s and/or mixed professional tennis tournaments in France.