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ENGIE has closely monitored the international climate negotiations for a global agreement on climate. To coincide with the event, the Group presented its own low-carbon solutions and supported a large number of climate-related initiatives.

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December 10, 2015

Incubation of start-ups and innovative solutions in favour of energy transition

Incubation of start-ups and innovative solutions in favour of energy transition

ENGIE is delivering innovative energy efficiency solutions to make the energy transition accessible to all. At the Grand Palais today, discussions focused on:

  • “Renovation for all”: this round table was attended by ENGIE, consumer organisations, and charities, and provided an overview of the resources available to individuals, and in particular those suffering from energy poverty, to carry out their  energy renovation.
  • “Carpooling”: the Group presented the concept of sharing electric cars for work, and the Powerdale smart electric car terminals.
  • In Bourget, a TV featured a presentation on “Innovation, start-ups, and entrepreneurship”: start-ups have a key role to play, as innovation is at the heart of the transition to green energy! The focus is placed on partnerships between these new companies and big business, like the one between ENGIE and Deepki to analyse energy use data for improved energy efficiency.

December 9, 2015

New renewable energies for the cities of the future

New renewable energies for the cities of the future

ENGIE is pouring significant resources into research programs for new renewables that will help communities and countries transition towards sustainable mobility and the use of green energy. A number of conferences have been held at the Grand Palais on this very subject:

Business’ key role in the fight against climate change: MEDEF press conference

Business’ key role in the fight against climate change: MEDEF press conference

On 9 December, MEDEF held a press conference with Pierre Gattaz, MEDEF Chairman, Gérard Mestrallet, ENGIE CEO, and Miriem Bensalah-Chaqroun, Chair of the General Confederation of Moroccan Businesses. Gérard Mestrallet discussed the results of the Business Dialogue that he coordinated and was attended by negotiators from almost 30 different countries and leaders of major businesses from the full range of sectors. He highlighted the key role that businesses play in the fight against climate change, as they are the ones that invent a large proportion of low carbon solutions. He drew particular attention to the fact that businesses are eager to adopt a binding international agreement on climate change, in line with the 2°C target, as well as being in favor of more widespread use of carbon pricing. The Business Dialogue submitted its final report to the COP21 chair on 4 December.

The citizen contributors to COP21!

The citizen contributors to COP21!

Organized with the support of ENGIE as part of COP21, the World Wide Views on Climate and Energy global citizen consultation brought together 10,000 citizens around the world on June 6, 2015 for day-long meetings with the aim of producing a real-time snapshot of how the world’s population feels about environmental issues. Looking back on the results of this global consultation, Anne Chassagnette, Head of Environmental and Social Responsibility at ENGIE, presented the conclusions of an in-house consultation conducted by ENGIE at the end of the global initiative. All Group employees and individual shareholders were asked for their opinions on climate change and the energy transition. 8,000 were invited to respond and 4,000 of them joined in the debate. The feedback from this consultation reveals a high level of awareness about climate challenges in general, and the following findings in particular:

  • 81% of ENGIE employees (compared with 66% of citizen consultation respondents) believe that measures to combat climate change are an opportunity to improve the world they live in.
  • 23% of ENGIE employees (compared with 11% of citizen consultation respondents) believe that responsibility for countering climate change should lie with the private sector.
  • Even more than citizens (71%), the Group’s shareholders (73%) and employees (76%) believe that the Paris agreement should include binding national targets to be achieved in the near term.

View all the results 

December 8, 2015

Carbon markets, fuel LNG and energy saving services: ENGIE showcases COP21 solutions

Carbon markets, fuel LNG and energy savingservices: ENGIE showcases COP21 solutions

The sequence of conferences is underway at the Grand Palais in Paris. Today’s events focused on:

  • LNG as a fuel for shipping: this roundtable session focused on the challenges and relevance of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a fuel for shipping.
  • Energy saving advice‘: ENGIE designs solutions that respond directly to the needs of consumers, at the same time as giving them greater control over their own energy consumption. To achieve this, the Group develops educational resources and connected objects, such as the online Cap EcoConso service, which allows consumers to monitor their gas and electricity consumption on a daily basis, and the Netatmo by ENGIE connected thermostat, for remote control of central heating systems.
  • At Le Bourget, a COP21 Solutions TV Studio session was devoted to the subject of ‘Carbon markets and low-carbon technology transfers’. Presenter Philipp Hauser of ENGIE Latin America reiterated the importance of carbon pricing to limit greenhouse gas emissions and promote investment in low-carbon solutions.
ENGIE: already committed to a world of low-carbon, decentralized and digitalized energy

ENGIE: already commited to a world of low-carbon, decentralized and digitalized energy

ENGIE Chairman and CEO Gérard Mestrallet spoke at the International Chamber of Commerce press conference on corporate leadership for action on climate change. As Chairman of the Business Dialogue, he began by reminding his audience that companies have demonstrated their willingness to commit to a green economy, and called for an ambitious global agreement on climate that would facilitate and encourage long-term investment in low-carbon technologies. More specifically, he underlined the fact that ENGIE is already deeply committed to the energy transition: the Group has increased its renewables generating capacity by 50% over the last 6 years, and aims to double its existing capacity over the next 10 years. He also made the point that ENGIE leads the world in energy efficiency services.

The Magritte initiative : energy companies commit to a market for carbon

The Magritte initiative : energy companies commit to a market for carbon

The heads of Europe’s leading energy generators, including ENGIE Chairman & CEO Gérard Mestrallet, who together form the Magritte Group, met this morning in Paris. Their discussions focused on the general introduction of carbon pricing for the European market and on international energy industry commitments to combat climate change. More specifically, they underlined their determination to ensure a low-carbon future and invest in efficient technologies with low CO2 emissions to achieve climate targets.  Read the press release.

December 7th, 2015

A Business Forum and renewable energy conference at Le Bourget

A Business Forum and renewable energy conference at Le Bourget

The ENGIE conferences, which are open to the public in the Climate Generations Areas at Le Bourget and being held in parallel with the negotiations, began on December 4th.

December 7th saw “Caring for Climate Day”, a Business Forum bringing together private partners and NGOs under the aegis of the UN Global Compact. The agenda featured carbon pricing, using science to set targets, commitment to responsible policies, and adaptation and finance. Another debate during the day was “How can we tackle the intermittent nature of renewable energies?” Electricity storage, weather, grid balancing, etc. – the Group’s experts presented their range of solutions for addressing management of renewable energies.

Discussions at the Grand Palais about energy efficiency and access to energy

Discussions at the Grand Palais about energy efficiency and access to energy

On December 7th, the ENGIE conferences at the Grand Palais in Paris, carried out in the context of Solutions COP21, related to:

  • “Innovative mobility solutions”: ENGIE Cofely is supporting cities for smarter, lower-carbon mobility: intelligent parking solutions, multi-modal information applications for public transport and car-sharing and traffic-regulation solutions.
  • CO2 capturing and storage – feedback: presentation of the “K12 B” project, carried out by the Dutch subsidiary of the Group’s Exploration & Production division, to detail the various stages (location of wells, injection, etc.) as well as operational, economic and security aspects.
  • Home energy retrofits: since buildings are responsible for 20% of greenhouse gases, improving the energy efficiency of homes is an ecological priority, as well as an opportunity to reduce energy bills.
  • New natural gas solutions for individuals: two innovative, low-carbon solutions were presented by GrDF – the heat-pump boiler, running on a highly efficient combination of natural gas and renewable energy, and the fuel cell allowing direct production and consumption of electricity in the home, with a very high energy yield.


December 5th-6th 2015

Renewable energies and energy efficiency – supporting the energy transition

Renewable energies and energy efficiency supporting the energy transition

Discussions on the energy transition are continuing this weekend at the Grand Palais. On December 5th, three conferences were organized by ENGIE:

On December 5th, a discussion was organized on Raising awareness and changing behavior. ENGIE presented the “J’apprends l’Energie” project and the “Smarty 21” game, fun initiatives to raise awareness of energy efficiency among all generations!

December 4th, 2015

« Green Bonds » : investir en faveur d’une économie décarbonée

Green Bonds investing in the low-carbon economy

The ENGIE conferences have begun at Le Bourget. The day held on December 4th related to low-carbon financing. Anne Chassagnette, ENGIE’s Group Head of Environmental and Social Responsibility, spoke at the “Investing in a low-carbon economy: green bonds” round table. She confirmed the Group ambition to contribute to the development of green bonds as an instrument to promote the low-carbon transition. In 2014, ENGIE issued a “green bond” for €2.5 billion to fund renewable energy development and energy efficiency projects.

Les bâtiments au coeur de la transition énergétique !

Buildings at the heart of the energy transition!

ENGIE and 10 industrial leaders, with support from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), have launched a vast initiative to reduce buildings’ energy consumption by 50% by 2030 (Low Carbon Technology Partnerships Initiative – LCTPI). The aim is to make buildings more energy efficient and contribute significantly to the 2°C target. Buildings account for a third of global energy consumption and 20% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Discover the guide to buildings’ energy efficiency!

Le « Businnes Day » au Bourget pour un partenariat public-privé renforcé !

Business Day at Le Bourget for stronger public-private partnerships!

“Bingo Day” (Business and Industry NGO Day) was held at Le Bourget on December 4th – a day for discussions between climate negotiators and heads of private industries, attended by Gérard Mestrallet, CEO of ENGIE. A series of high-level meetings provided an opportunity to renew the private sector’s commitment to provide solutions to combat climate change. In his address, Gérard Mestrallet emphasized the importance of public-private collaboration in implementing technologies and solutions tailored to the energy transition.

Gérard Mestrallet, CEO of ENGIE, and Laurence Tubiana, both responsible for coordinating Business Dialogue, took the opportunity to present the Business Dialogue Report to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius, responsible for chairing COP21, and Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC ).

Place aux solutions avec l'ouverture de l'exposition Solutions COP21 au Grand Palais !

Solutions unveiled at the opening of the Solutions COP21 exhibition at the Grand Palais!

Solutions COP21, a free exhibition open from December 4th to 10th at the Grand Palais, offers the public a chance to discover practical solutions to promote a low-carbon society. The objective is to highlight the numerous products, services and innovations which already exist and are in the pipeline around the world to combat climate change and its impacts. More than 200 partners and associates, including ENGIE, are presenting their “climate solutions” at the exhibition. Discover the Group’s solutions in terms of energy renovation, energy efficiency, green mobility and renewable energies!

December 3, 2015

A high-efficiency ENGIE boiler to heat Le Bourget!

ENGIE Cofely is providing the heating for one section of the COP21 facilities thanks to a new-generation boiler. This condensing boiler has a special feature developed by the ENGIE research center to recover the normally wasted trapped energy produced as part of the standard condensing boiler combustion process, and reinjecting it into the system to maximize the condensing effect! This high-efficiency boiler uses 20% less energy than a standard boiler, at the same time as cutting greenhouse gas emissions by the same percentage. Monitor the Le Bourget boiler in action on the ENGIE ecoboard!

December 1, 2015

Launch of the International Solar Alliance

“The energy transition is effectively an energy revolution,” Isabelle Kocher

Isabelle Kocher, the ENGIE Chief Operating Officer for operations, spoke on December 1 as part of the Side Event “The green growth revolution is accelerating: the energy transition law and its associated initiatives. As part of her presentation, she restated the Group’s commitment to the energy transition: ENGIE conducts its business in France and worldwide on the basis of a responsible growth model. In doing so, the Group is focused on energy efficiency and the decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization of energy. In France, the energy transition law provides a framework within which ENGIE can implement effective energy solutions, as Isabelle Kocher explained.

“ENGIE is committed to leading the way by investing in the new and future technologies we believe in, such as green gas, geothermal and solar power, whose potential is virtually unlimited,” Isabelle Kocher

A coalition in favor of carbon pricing

Urban wind power: Arbres à Vent® at Le Bourget!

The ENGIE Corporate Foundation has supported the installation of two innovative Arbres à Vent® urban wind power generators on the terrace at the entrance to the Climate Conference Center at Le Bourget. Designed by startup NewWind, the Arbre à Vent® is effectively a steel tree 8 meters high that captures energy from the wind to generate electricity. Each of its 70 leaves acts as a totally silent mini-wind generator with the ability to operate in all wind speeds. A local solution based on biomimetics, the Arbre à Vent® is the first wind generator to draw on nature as the basis for sustainable innovation that contributes to the emergence of tomorrow’s cities.

Novembre 30, 2015

Isabelle Kocher sur BFM Business

“Solar energy is a very powerful solution on a global scale”, Isabelle Kocher

In an interview this morning on news network BFM Business, Ms. Kocher, ENGIE’s Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer explained that renewable solutions that are almost as competitive as fossil fuels already exist, in particular thanks to solar energy. However, the transition to a low-carbon economy will necessitate setting “in each region, in each geographical area, a price on carbon to organize the shift from greenhouse-gas emitting technologies to technologies that are not.” Setting a price on carbon, she argues, will create an environment favorable to large-scale investments in renewable energy sources. “Understand that solar energy can very well become massive, through the number of home installations or the size of installations. Solar energy also definitely entails very heavy industry. We are working on, and already installing, solar energy technologies known as concentrated solar energy that can amount to several hundreds of megawatts. Its potential amounts to 200 times the global energy consumption.”

Launch of the International Solar Alliance

Launch of the International Solar Alliance

The goal for the International Solar Alliance is to create a dynamic partnership between national governments worldwide and the private sector to drive development of an ambitious global solar power program. So what is its key message? Solar power is a competitive and safe source of energy available on the grand scale. The new Alliance was launched jointly on November 30 by the Indian Prime Minister and the French President to an audience of heads of state, government leaders and thirty corporate CEOs. At the launch, ENGIE Chairman & CEO Gérard Mestrallet reminded his audience of the potential offered by solar power to engage with the energy transition and enable universal access to energy. He also announced the launch of the Terrawatt initiative. Terrawatt is a non-governmental organization formed to promote private sector dialog on the issues surrounding the development of affordable solar power at the global scale.

«Solar power will require €1,200 billion in investment between now and 2030, and the private sector stands ready to make its contribution. Private sector stakeholders understand very well that an ecological catastrophe would also be an economic catastrophe.» Gérard Mestrallet

A coalition in favor of carbon pricing

A coalition in favor of carbon pricing

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition of national governments, private sector companies and social stakeholders was launched on November 30 at a ceremony attended by a panel of representatives from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Represented by Gérard Mestrallet, ENGIE made clear its support for the widespread introduction of carbon pricing. Gérard Mestrallet emphasized the importance of putting a price on carbon as a powerful lever for funding and accelerating the commitment to counter climate change by making low carbon technologies more competitive and encouraging innovation in clean technologies. Gérard Mestrallet Business Dialogue

November 27, 2015

the ENGIE Foundation works alongside the Armada pour le Climat initiative

Protecting our oceans: the ENGIE Foundation works alongside the Armada pour le Climat initiative

Since April this year, more than a hundred sailors have rallied to the Armada pour le Climat (Climate Armada) initiative launched by Catherine Chabaud, Chair of Innovations Bleues and Ambassador of the Ocean and Climate Platform, and supported by the ENGIE Foundation. Their aim is to give the world’s oceans of voice at the climate negotiation table, explain and promote their role as climate regulators and make their protection a priority in the fight to prevent further climate change. The initiative was launched on November 26, with a visit by the Race for Water Solar Vessel, the world’s largest solar powered catamaran, which came up the River Seine as far as the Port des Champs-Elysées, and many presentations at the Ocean & Climate Pavilion.

ENGIE signs the World Economic Forum open letter urging climate action

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public Private Cooperation, and engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. On November 23, the CEOs of 78 companies – including ENGIE Chairman & CEO Gérard Mestrallet – issued an open letter to world leaders urging bold action at the Paris climate conference. Representing 20 economic sectors and operations in more than 150 countries, these companies affirm the responsibility of the private sector to engage actively in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to help the world move to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. They set out their support for the introduction of prices on carbon and their commitment to developing practical solutions that promote the development of alternative energy sources and energy efficiency.


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