The Académie Bernard Diomède and the Fondation Gol de Letra share the same goal: giving young people a chance, helping them to build a self-sufficient future for themselves, and promoting social inclusion through sport. As well as the match itself, this project is designed to help the children concerned become more independent, develop their sense of responsibility and work better as a group. Sponsored and supported by World Cup winning soccer stars Raï and Diomède, the initiative invites children to develop an open-minded approach to others by sharing their culture, values and talents.

"The World Cup in Brazil will witness an enormous sharing of emotions right around the world. We want to share that feeling as widely as possible, and put it to practical use. We have been delighted to support both of these impressive organizations - Bernard Diomède's in France and Raï's in Brazil - over the long term. We wanted to highlight their commitment, draw attention to the excellent work they do, and help them to develop through this Match of Their Dreams initiative. So let's share this Dream Match together", said ENGIE Chairman and CEO Gérard Mestrallet.

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