From May 16 to June 5, ENGIE takes you behind the scenes at the Roland-Garros Stadium for the French Open for exclusive interviews, competitions and sustainable development initiatives: an eneRGy-packed program!

Play on the famous Roland-Garros clay!

For the second consecutive year, ENGIE has got together with the FFT and Babolat to offer tournament spectators the chance to tread the clay courts of Roland-Garros. So Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4 are your opportunities to send a few balls across the net on courts 13 and 15. Your welcome will be worthy of a tennis pro, with the use of changing rooms, ball boys and girls, rackets and Babolat connected wristbands. To try your luck, follow in the footsteps of Jean-Baptiste Goupil by sharing your energy at Roland-Garros!

Jeu #éneRGiesociale

An eco-responsible program

  • Plug in to Arbre à Vent® to charge your phone
    As part of its 'Universal access to energy for sustainable development' program, the ENGIE Foundation is installing an Arbre à Vent© wind power generator at the entrance to the Presidential Stand at Roland-Garros. Showcased as part of the COP21 conference at the end of last year, the Arbre à Vent© designed by NEW WIND is the first biomimetic wind power generating system. Its 63 leaf-shaped - or 'Aeroleaf' - micro-turbines can harness the slightest current of air as well as so-called 'turbulent' winds to generate clean, sustainable electricity. Using this technology, each Arbre à Vent© can power fifteen 50W bulbs, 100 m2 of energy-efficient office space or an electric car covering 10,000 miles a year. The same amount of power can provide lighting for a 71-space outdoor car park and meet 83% of the electricity consumption for a French household (excluding heating). At Roland-Garros, the Arbre à Vent© will power 4 phone charging terminals, each capable of charging 8 phones simultaneously, and all available freely to visitors. Combining high technology and design, the Arbre à Vent© adds a new aesthetic and emotional dimension to urban landscapes. The ENGIE Foundation also sees the Arbre à Vent© as an excellent way of raising public awareness of energy from renewable sources.
  • The Roland-Garros bees
    As a committed promoter of biodiversity and environmental education, the ENGIE Foundation began working last year with the French art collective Parti Poétique and the French Tennis Federation to reintroduce bees and install 4 permanent hives on the roof of the Club des Loges at Roland-Garros. Embracing the principle of Urban Pollination, Parti Poétique was set up in 2004 to install beehives in public spaces to raise public awareness of the important environmental role played by bees. The first year of the Roland-Garros bees has produced pots of honey that will be on sale at this year's tournament.
  • Green Teams and the ENGIE Fan Responsible Tour
    Throughout the two weeks of the French Open, ENGIE will be inviting several hundred children via the 'J’apprends l’énergie' (Learning about Energy) program to find out more about the tournament. Led by the ENGIE Green Teams and using touchscreen tablets, these teams of eco-responsibility specialists will be walking around the tournament, interacting with spectators and visitors and telling them about ways in which they can help to protect the environment. The educational goal involves raising their awareness, asking them questions and facilitating interaction on sustainable development and environmental issues. This year, the campaign will involve children from 4th grade to 10th grade, and will run on Tuesday, May 31, Wednesday, June 1 and Thursday, June 2.