These General Terms and Conditions apply to orders issued by ENGIE SA and some affiliate Entities when purchases are not covered by framework agreements. The orders concerned refer to these general terms and conditions.




 Call for vigilance to detect hoax orders for IT hardware

 The ENGIE Group wishes to alert its IT hardware and software suppliers to the possibility that fraudulent orders may have been placed in its name since the beginning of the year.

 Requests to open a customer account in the name of ENGIE or ENGIE FRANCE-COURBEVOIE, followed by the issue of counterfeit order forms, have been sent in bulk to companies, and have the potential to mislead companies unfamiliar with the Group’s current purchasing procedures. 

 ENGIE asks its existing and potential suppliers to exercise the greatest possible vigilance and reminds them that:

  • They should not supply any equipment in the absence of a certified customer account, a known ENGIE address or a purchase order issued by ENGIE systems carrying the supplier code allocated to you by the Purchasing Department
  • No bill will be paid without proof that the equipment concerned has been safely received by the relevant services of ENGIE