Business consultants can play a valuable role in helping boost ENGIE’ business growth or in representing its interests. However, concluding agreements with business consultants can pose ethical risks during the various phases of a project, from negotiation through to execution. In order to prevent such risks, ENGIE based its policy on international standards and the strictest legal requirements, in particular those laid down in French law, English law and US law. The ENGIE Business Consultants Policy, validated by the Group ExCom on July 23, 2012, is founded on:

  • A risk-based approach
  • Two implementation procedures according to the risks
  • Three implementation phases

It involves a systematic due diligence process for each Business Consultant and comprises 3 specific stages:

  • A due diligence stage
  • A validation stage
  • A monitoring stage
If you would like to receive the “Business Consultants Policy Principles” in French or English, kindly send your request to: