The “ENGIE Managing ethical compliance Referential“, describes the procedure for managing ethics. It brings together all the strategies, tools, managerial actions and initiatives deployed within the Group.

It aims to clarify the way in which the Group is organized, in order to support the transition from implementation of systems to measuring compliance, thus not only to ensure that resources are in place but also to appreciate their effectiveness and their efficiency.

The Managing ethical compliance Referential provides benchmarks for:

  • understanding the importance of compliance as a measure of the success of the Group’s ethical ambitions;
  • knowing the systems in place and the way they interact with other ENGIE group-wide processes;
  • and integrating the management of ethical compliance into the overall management of entities.

For the ENGIE Group, the management of ethical compliance means all the actions undertaken by a person (natural person or legal entity) in order to comply with the ethics principles and internal standards specific to his or her business activities, in accordance with laws and regulations in force.

It should be to encourage the implementation of the Group’s ethics principles and having the means to check if professional practice and behaviour are consistent with the commitments made. To do this, The Managing ethical compliance Referential describes a 4 step process:

  • Promotion and support ethical compliance : to allow ethics of being integrated into the cultural references of the management through exemplary managerial, the sponsorship and the deployment of ethics process and training of staff.
  • Detection and handling ethics breaches : by using the Group process (internal control, ERM, Audit, legal, HR,…)
  • Reporting and measuring the status of ethics in the Group and ethical issues: through systems such as INFORM’ethics, the ethical email, the annual compliance procedure, monitoring of our ethical commitments and actions…
  • Improvement from the observation of best practices.