The Ethics and Compliance Department: a proactive approach to ethics

A day with Virginie Le Foll, lawyer of GRTgaz - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIEWithin the General Secretariat, the role of the Ethics and Compliance department is to integrate values and ethics into the Group’s strategy, management and working practices.

  • It drafts the core texts, drives through their implementation via operating business lines and functional departments and organizes the internal reporting mechanisms.
  • It steers discussions, from a risk analysis perspective, on specific ethical dilemmas that the operating business lines and functional departments may encounter.
  • It sets up dedicated professional ethics training courses aimed at management level.

The Ethics and Compliance Department heads up a network of 170 Ethics Officers who are assigned to relay to the different business lines and departments its mission of motivation, deployment and advice in all matters relating to ethical conduct.

The Ethics and Compliance Department also mapped out a proactive compliance policy, whose aim is to establish the procedures for compliance checks and ethical audits. The purpose of this policy is to make sure that the compliance systems needed to manage ethical risk are put in place and functioning correctly.

Exhibition for Mayors and Local Authorities 2010, November 23d to 24th 2010 in Paris - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIEThe Committees and managing bodies, essential advisory authorities

Policies relating to professional ethics are decided by the Executive Committee and driven through by the General Secretary, who is also the Group’s Ethics Officer.

The Ethics and Compliance policy is monitored by the Ethics, Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of the Board of Directors.

The Compliance Committee, chaired by the Group Ethics Officer and the heads of the Auditing, Legal, Ethical Practices and Compliance Departments, monitors Group conformity. It is entrusted with developing compliance policy as well as ensuring its implementation. It can request the Ethics and Compliance Department to take the necessary measures in the event of any failure to comply.