This interview with Marie Fresnel and Henri Ducré first appeared in issue 74 of Grandes Ecoles et Universités magazine


Marie Fresnel - Interview Journal des Grandes écoles et Universités N°74 -  26 mai 2015

What practical action do you take on a daily basis to attract the people you need?

Marie Fresnel. Recruiting talented people is much too important to be left to chance. At ENGIE, we are building a full-blown marketing policy for HR: we monitor the latest trends, analyze the expectations of our target groups so that we can promote and demonstrate our strengths as an employer more effectively, and set ourselves apart distinctively from other employers. The profound impact of new digital media and the increasing demand for interaction and collaborative working mean that we have to rethink the way we interact with applicants. Our digital ecosystem and social media are designed to give young people a positive experience: a job search app, traineeships, live chat to discuss issues with our employees, career option videos, news about the Group, advice from recruitment professionals, dialog with experts via the Renewables, energy efficiency and smart technologies on LinkedIn… and those are just some examples. We do everything to ensure that potential applicants can see themselves doing the jobs we offer and share in our values.

But although the digital world is a fast-growing and permanent reality, the ‘real’ world is still an important factor. Regardless of whether they are young people or more experienced candidates, our target groups for recruitment really like the chance to discuss these issues directly with Group employees, because no one could be better at explaining the real tasks and missions that make ENGIE a great place to work, innovate and be entrepreneurial. For example, we’ve organized meetings where students and employees have been able to chat at a film premiere so that we get away from the traditional recruitment environments and facilitate informal discussions where everything is on the agenda.

What are the little plus points that make ENGIE an attractive employer for young people?

Marie Fresnel. Every year, ENGIE welcomes many trainees, hires 2,500 interns, and offers superb career opportunities to new graduates. Young people motivated by challenge, innovation and the opportunity to develop their skills are welcome, whether they come from an engineering school or business school and whether they are qualified to BTS, DUT or Licence Pro technique level. We can give them a very broad choice of missions with real accountability. As far as we’re concerned, diversity is a huge strength. Whether young or more experienced, men and women with very different personalities and cultures are what makes ENGIE such a richly diverse Group and brings its values of Daring, Commitment, Drive and Cohesion to life.


The Employer Brand: key to delivering Group strategy

Henri Ducré - Interview Journal des Grandes écoles et Universités N°74 - 26 mai 2015Henri Ducré. Companies are engaged in a merciless economic, industrial and commercial war to win market share. It would be an illusion to believe that the same isn’t true for human resources, when the skills, expertise and interpersonal skills of employees are what make companies strong. So the Employer Brand is key to attracting the kind of people ENGIE needs now and going forward. Its purpose is to boost awareness of the Group and its reputation by embodying our values and promoting our strengths internationally to recruit as effectively as possible. These include the opportunity to succeed in the challenge of the energy transition inside a company that is committed, respectful and cares about people. Our teams are committed on a daily basis to encourage people – especially young people – to join our Group and take part in this unique and life-affirming adventure. The ENGIE vision is to be useful to others, and contribute to building a better world in which universal access to energy is reconciled with respect for the environment. This is the fascinating challenge that we are trying to convey in our Employer Brand.

Why join ENGIE?

  • Because ENGIE is a global energy leader
  • Because you will have colleagues right around the world
  • Because diversity is what drives progress and innovation
  • Because our people are highly motivated
  • Because you will have the opportunity to improve your skills on a daily basis
  • Because we are already interested in what you will be doing in 20 years’ time
  • Because at ENGIE, we agree with you that there is more to life than work