The arrival of the Internet as a marketing channel in 2000 was a step change innovation. It turned the way marketing was understood and practiced upside down by providing a completely new database. It was against this background that Yseulys Costes and Thibaut Munier founded the interactive advertising and marketing agency 1000mercis.

Yseulys sees innovation not as an option, but as a fundamental condition of survival: «a matter of life or death». Innovation is the foundation of a virtuous circle: by generating revenue, it enables the employment of people who will themselves generate innovation and help the company to grow.

Innovation is also about adapting as quickly as possible, because the pace of technological innovation is accelerating all the time, as is the rate at which innovations are adopted by consumers. This process is revolutionizing the way marketing is done, as the traditional methods of preceding a market launch with excessively long surveys and research become history. Today, the challenge for companies is to put their new ideas and visions into practice as effectively as possible, as quickly as possible. Missing the opportunity isn’t an option.